CCS to open revitalized flagship in Portland

Daddies Board Shop is breathing new life into struggling action brand CCS and has announced plans to open a new flagship store in Portland, OR.

Portland-based skate brand Daddies bought CCS's intellectual property rights from Foot Locker in 2014. For three years, Daddies has been trying to freshen CCS's look and bring it back to the forefront of skate apparel and gear. Once a core skate destination with ties to leading skaters, CCS fell on hard times and struggled along with the malls it occupied.

Daddies plans to open the new CCS flagship in the location where Daddies currently operates its own skate and snow shop in Portland. All Daddies employees will be converted to CCS employees in an effort to revitalize the CCS brand.

While Daddies was an independent brand in the Portland skate community, the CCS brand brings large buying power with established brands. CCS wholesale partners include Nike, Converse and Adidas.

Daron Horwitz, CCS and Daddies' parent company ASW Distribution's President and CEO said, “With a CCS store, we will be able to bring in more of the brands that our customers love, widen our selection, and have far more resources to invest in events and programming in the Portland community."

The grand opening of the CCS flagship in Portland will take place on July 30th. Twenty brands including Nike, Converse and Adidas will be at the event. Pro skaters will attend and customers will be able to compete in a skate contest for a $2,000 cash prize.

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