Pacollection: Paco Rabanne's first fragrance collection under Julien Dossena

Paco Rabanne has released its first line of fragrances since the creative director, Julien Dossena, took the helm of the luxury label in 2013. The collection comprises six scents, each representing a distinct mood, identity or personality, crafted to bring the perfect finishing touch to a look.
Pacollection is the latest from new creative director, Julien Dossena - Paco Rabanne

More than a fragrance collection, Julien Dossena has sought to capture the essence of several clearly defined character traits with this six-scent Pacollection offering. From the most sensual to the most extraverted to the most exhilarating, each mood is captured in a scent developed by a major name of the fragrance world. 

Pacollection includes 'Genius Me', created by Dominique Ropion, featuring notes of rosemary, orange zest, tree moss and Cristalfizz; as well as 'Erotic Me', by Quentin Bisch, which has milky, leathery notes, matched with osmanthus and incense. 'Fabulous Me', by Alienor Massenet, is powered by notes of pumpkin, rhubarb, vanilla and sandalwood.

The range of moods is completed by 'Crazy Me' (Alienor Massenet), with notes of mimosa, wasabi, blackcurrant and sandalwood; 'Dangerous Me' (Marie Salamagne), focusing on vanilla, ginger, cedar and gray amber; and 'Strong Me' (Fabrice Pellerin), which has notes of davana, rum, vanilla and amber wood.

Each fragrance comes in a patented soft, flexible bottle, bringing to mind the Paco Rabanne fashion house's legendary metal mesh.

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