Translated by
Nicola Mira
Apr 17, 2019
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Survey shows France leads world in influencer remuneration

Translated by
Nicola Mira
Apr 17, 2019

International marketing specialists are willing on average to invest €39,570 in a campaign by a leading influencer, compared to €31,650 for a marketing operation featuring influencers with a mid-size following. The latter figure is only a little higher than the €30,130 they are willing to invest for a campaign with micro-influencers, a category recently rising to prominence. And it appears that France is one of the countries where the remuneration of influencers is highest.

Among international marketing specialists, 37% pay influencers based on audience engagement - Shutterstock

The figures are drawn from an international survey by Rakuten Marketing and London audience research specialist VIGA, carried out with 700 marketing managers working in all sectors, for companies ranging from 50 to 50,000 employees.

A global assessment

The survey, according to which 59% of marketing professionals stated they increased their influencer budgets beyond initial forecasts, notably shed light on how influencers are remunerated. Worldwide, 49% of the marketing executives surveyed resorted to influencer products and services, and 50% of them were charged a flat rate for sponsored content creation. Above all, 37% of interviewees remunerate influencers based on the audience engagement fostered by the sponsored content, and 18% of them do so on the basis of the actual sales generated by the content posted.

Indeed, influencers are scrutinised more and more closely in terms of the results they produce, as 59% of marketers keep tabs on the engagement and reach of their influencer campaigns. These are more important elements for marketers than an influencer’s number of followers (which interests 53% of interviewees), or the sales (44%) and the website traffic (40%) generated by the campaigns.

The notion of return on investment is becoming increasingly critical for international brands, and marketers are keen to gain a better understanding of the real impact influencers have. Some 38% of marketers would be willing to invest more in influencer campaigns if they were able to gauge the latter’s final impact on product purchases. And 33% of them would increase their budgets if bloggers and vloggers could be set engagement and growth targets in advance. The kind of performance-based remuneration which has long been debated in this newly hatched professional field.

France, the country with the largest budgets

Rakuten's international survey highlighted some of the specifics of the relationship between influencers and brands, with France standing out in several respects. Notably in terms of campaign budgets, which in France are higher than the average figures mentioned above, with marketing professionals willing to invest €46,000 for a campaign with a major influencer, €40,000 for a campaign with an intermediate one and €35,000 for a campaign with a micro-influencer. 

According to the survey, France is the country where marketers invest the most in influencer campaigns - Shutterstock

“France is by far the country which offers the best remuneration for influencer campaigns,” wrote Rakuten Marketing. Paradoxically, the survey found that there are more executives in France (25% of French interviewees) than worldwide (15% of international interviewees) who don’t have a clear grasp of influencer remuneration. Despite this widespread lack of understanding, as much as 45% of marketing budgets in France is on average dedicated to influencers. The figure is even higher in sectors like beauty (52%), luxury beauty (51%) and high fashion (50%).

France is also the country where marketers are more demanding in their expectations, since 35% of French marketing executives would invest more on influencers if they had greater creative control on blog/vlog posts. And another 35% would invest even more if the remuneration was based on the sales generated by the campaign. Unsurprisingly, French marketers pay more attention (47%) than the average of international interviewees (44%) to the sales generated by influencer campaigns.

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