Jul 19, 2021
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Textile Trends - Autumn/Winter 2022-23 (Livetrend)

Jul 19, 2021

A Time for Genesis !

The Livetrend Team has attended the recent leading Textile and Design Fairs in Paris, including Texworld, Préco Paris, Première Vision Fashion Rendez-Vous and Première Vision Denim. The experts have gathered and confirmed some of the most recent and innovative trend developments regarding fabrics and materials. Within this report we have selected two highlights to share with you. Overall, themes are unified by the striking desire to unite a sensory, sustainable and aesthetic experience. With a new future that unfolds in front of us, like a seemingly blank page, our deep desire to live is pushing us forward and triggers the appetite for something better. Mind and Emotion are the new guideline, even for textiles, and seek to enhance the beauty of materials and to magnify the know-how behind them. Refocusing on unlimited hedonism, curious rediscovery, provocative innovation, emotional awareness, anarchic beauty and a new responsibility towards the environment are the ideas that are now influencing the stand-out textile themes for FW 22/23. To get inspired and informed, take a look at the selected trends and key takeaways for the season ahead :

Earthly Canvas

Nature and the outdoors have become essential themes within consumers’ lives over the recent period of crisis. As a room for escape, they offered healing and protection and sparked our imagination. Heralding the continuous fascination with geological surfaces found within natural spaces, the FW 22/23 textile trend Earthly Canvas is embracing the creative potential the planet has to offer. Inspired by stones, sediments, vegetation, botanics and wildlife, this story seems to try to camouflage into the environment. Not only the print, but equally the haptic features of natural texture is now translated into materials. Irregular and 3-dimensional surfaces are key to depict the earthy and irregular looks of the outdoors. Textured yarns, novelty finishings, subtly nuanced and washed dies are crucial for this fabric story. The effect of such naturally camouflaged fabrics seems almost spontaneous and highly individualistic. An idea which is in line with the unique beauty of nature itself. Within this context, the consideration of more sustainable practices is elementary and pushes the current strive for circular innovation and ecological change into a more definite direction.

 Mesmerizing Essence...

A current taste for the unknown, more specifically for the mystified future that is unfolding beyond the horizon has pivoted textiles towards the FW 22/23 concept of Mesmerizing Essence. A desire for the precious, the shimmering, the estrange and foreign has taken hold of our imagination and is evoking stories of dreamy futurism. With an aspiration to redefine our deep nature and as ethereal beings become one with the universe is now manifesting within textiles. New designs include organic surface effects, which hint towards the almost odd beauty of the unknown and simultaneously appeal to our sensory pleasures. At the same time holographic, reflective, sparkling and dusted materials connect to our spiritual and otherworldly interests. A surreal look is now resonating from coated textiles with mirroring effects and shiny treatments. These rather rigid materials incorporate an artificial plastic effect and recall celestial matter. Almost lucid appear the more fluid materials linked to this trend, as they seem to lose their materiality and flow down the body like liquid. Others might embrace sheers and soft gradations for an enhanced dreamy twist.

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For FW22/23 the combination of energizing and harmonizing elements is going to continue to build bridges between screens and nature and to establish more meaningful connections between individuals. A collective desire for change is now working towards the creation of a more unified and generally optimized future.

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