Apr 8, 2016
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Modesty Solutions Catwalk Trends - Fall/Winter 2016 (Geraldine Wharry)

Apr 8, 2016

In our forecast published in June 2015 on FashionMag we predicted the emergence of a key aesthetic called “Modesty Solutions” which was confirmed across the Fall Winter 2016 catwalks.
As fashion retailers and labels face a crisis of interest from consumers, Modesty solutions presents ways to create innovative product with a purpose and emotion, aiming to reconnect with today’s jaded audience, now spending more on experience (food and leisure) than on clothing.

The need to find balance, simplify and convey moments of calm through a mend and make do aesthetic is reflected through intentionally imperfect and multi-disciplinary craft. A key trait of  this concept is a sentimental narrative that delves back into a more spartan time during the great depression and the 1940s. Designers tap into an era when we had to make do with what we had therefore had a much greater understanding and appreciation of growing food, working the land, making or fixing objects and living within our means. For our macro report click here

Throughout Modesty Solutions, workwear and utility influence are prevalent. Silhouettes are loose, layered, and explore fundamental functionalities. Materials lean towards natural cottons and wools with weathered finishes. An earthen palette informs rusty tones, mustard greens and army green expressing the passage of time and memories. Collections most echoing Modestly Solutions are Celine, Acne, John Geller, Engineered Garments, Yeezy, Mihara Yahusiro and Nehera.

Designers reinterpret clothing used by farmers, glass blowers and welders. Apron inspired “garment parts” reflect our need for a versatile wardrobe as the definition of seasonal clothing changes. They also provide experimental ways to redefine garment construction. The idea of expandability and again multi-functionality inform items that are designed to last, as such positively bearing less of a footprint on the environment.

Detachable elements update the idea of slow fashion: it’s about having items that evolve over time through removable parts such as sleeves and tops. This could inform new offerings for retailers looking to update best sellers and think outside of the box. We look at accessories, machinery and more broadly, multi-functional design already prevalent in home interiors.  

Sleeve belting is an emerging key detail for Fall Winter 2016 across Men’s and Women’s. It inspires cinched waists within relaxed and loose proportions with a hint of 90s grunge influence.  Echoing the importance of workwear and utility clothing, silhouettes mimic factory jumpsuits pulled down and tied together for ease of comfort.

Surfaces appear tattered and destroyed, they become time-tested relics one will not part with. There is a democratic view where the old and the young converge and stands equal. This is a raw aesthetic that is anchored in highlighting imperfections, celebrating the ageing and decaying process.  

Holes and tears are used to reveal under layers and to insert mineral components or contrast fabrics. We also see the use of felting, stitching and delicate fraying.  This reclaimed aesthetic is very conducive for knitwear. There is a sense of discarding organized construction and stepping into unexpected surface effects as designers seek to step away from the automatic and into the handmade and unique.
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