May 30, 2016
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Carlin creative trend bureau: The family archetypes at the 2020 horizon, the new consumer expectations of millenial families

May 30, 2016

The family today is plural because it mixes influences and cultivates singularity. In this connected world, parenting experienced real changes that influence our way of approaching the family.
An eclectic target, that Carlin decrypts and helps you to address in its lecture "The New Tribes ©": 5 detailed profiles of family values, lifestyles, attitudes and references.
By the following Carlin provides you an overview of three of the future new consumer households.
The successors
Evolution of the well-known "traditionals", the successors are hedonistic consumers in the sense that they will seek a premium consumption. They expect from brands a "reassuring presence", personalized support, and to establish a relationship based on trust.
Their look: "Timeless elegance" meaning solid basics that last, simple and elegant cuts for the whole family

Carlin’s Children silhouette: Daily and poetic wardrobe for the baby girl

The Early Adopters

The Early Adopters are the followers of innovation in the broad sense, eager to discoveries, changes, and novelties. Ultra-connected, they stage their consumption on social media.
Influenced and born from the normcore movement, early adopters prefer minimal but effective aesthetics.

Carlin’s men silhouette: knit look MINIMUM SOFTWARE

The Authentic cool

Without falling into activism, this family is in constant search for meaning, favoring local shops and short circuits. They are "locavore," that is to say they have an ecological approach and want to consume products from less than one hundred and sixty kilometers from their home.

Carlin Concept: fresh yoghurt production on site. Choice of ingredients added.

To learn more about the new tribes, including the levers to activate to address these consumer families with renewed expectations, please find us on Carlin Creative Trend Bureau

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