Jul 12, 2016
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Geraldine Wharry: Vision 2016: New Body perceptions

Jul 12, 2016

Ideals of beauty and the way we connect with our physicality are shifting. Evolving in the face of changing gender perceptions, the ubiquity of plastic surgery, the idea we are all beautiful regardless of shape, size and race. 
In the face of challenging and polarised times across the globe, new body perceptions explores the idea of freedom to express our physicality. It also experiments with the odd space between the “beautiful” and “not so beautiful”, at least as our society has viewed it so far.

Distortions, contortions, flesh coloured materials layered and stretched, skin ripples and deformations seen across art, interiors, fashion and video signal the importance of artificially produced beauty which challenges our perception of what is "normal".

There is a clear intention to explore the balance between the repulsive and the everyday, seeing how it can be introduced in the utility of objects. The viewer is asked to reconsider ideas of beauty and what is comfortable.

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