May 4, 2017
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Stardust Trends - Fall/Winter 2018-19 (Trendzoom)

May 4, 2017

If the previous notebook was focused on soul-searching, this one is the evolution of the ego-looking for exasperated for the survival to shock of life, passing from chaos to the soft and peaceful sleep of winter, when nature regenerates, and us with her.

The strenght of the proposal is once again the inedited matchings of images and materials, arousing a real and effective emotional meltdown: a mix of natural fibers, synthetic, recycled, wool, leather, eco-fur, nylon, moire silk, velvet, flock, lamé and glitter. A palette of colors sophisticated by gray of the cold metal, which turns unceasingly to flashes of dirty white or to sharp shades of ice.

An impressive research of materials, forms and colors by the author that are the sparks needed for any creative process, a reason that has also weighed on the decision to enrich with many more pictures each section than the previous edition. Another worth of Stardust is also the ability to start up creative ways not only by sight but by touch.

This Stardust wants to stimulate thinking on the opportunity of understanding creative and research process as the integrated result of the senses. For this reason the innovation of this edition is the introduction of another sensory perception, the taste, into the creative process through the combination of each trend and a recipe created for the occasion by the young personal chef Carlotta Gorli.


Stardust Trends F/W 2018/2019

It is the theme of inclusion par excellence. It embodies all the colors of the light spectrum, at the antipodes of the black symbolizes the border of the beginning of life phase. The white is also a silent color.


Stardust Trends F/W 2018/2019

The era of worries is returned. In this second theme the white of the first one moves over to the colors of the ugly, dirty and bad metropolis. In this case the author recombines codes coming in part from the late seventies and early nineties with skill, according to visionary formulas, inedited, cleaned and chic and why not a little boho.


Stardust Trends F/W 2018/2019

It’s perhaps the most sophisticated theme of this collection because black, it’s true, is lazy and easy, but it is first and foremost mysterious.


Stardust Trends F/W 2018/2019

Here we come to the fourth and last theme, dedicated to gold in its pop and glamour version. If from immemorial time gold possesses the highest value, why does consider it vulgar? Rather useful and mild splendor, gold was always the symbol of the who gives himself because reflection of the greatest virtue.

Stardust trend book F/W 2018/2019 is a complete journey in four different moods (Endless White, Grungy Chic, Exotic Black, Fake Glamour) to describe the next Fall-Winter trends.
The final outcome is a unique result of the research and the passion Nicoletta Lanati gives in Stardust editions since years.

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