Dec 20, 2017
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Stardust: Trends S/S 2019

Dec 20, 2017

In the early years of its existence, Stardust appeared as an art book rich in materials and drawings, in order to be inspired: today it would be out of the question, since it is cryptic and too complex to decode and translate, but the underlying concept is alive and, We dare say, cutting edge.

This is why the current version of the notebook is born. The graphic design is completely different and features multimedia content. It is a notebook that, once watched, is preserved to be flipped again, again and again, ending with innumerable interpretations and declinations.

The spirit of this new course is primarily to photograph and provide textile samples and ideas for realization (true heart of Stardust), but also to provide inspirational ideas for artists from all over the world, deserving of their innate style.

A container without borders and, just like the internet, a way to connect the reader with every corner of the globe, absorbing its aesthetics and philosophy. And more to continue the journey.

From the topic about grunge of the previous edition, the research continues in the context of introspection and the consequent externation of the ego, taking the body as an object of artistic expression.
Diverge from the others in the external presentation: I paint my skin, I bare myself, I uncover part of me, I start different effects with every one of my movements.
Long lasting but non-permanent tattoos; fabrics resembling the skin, transparent and enveloping at the same time.
If the street in street art is the timeless gallery where there’s no beginning and no end to its performance, body art is the expression of the body as an artistic identity.

Stardust Trends S/S 2019

An interesting and curiously new artistic expression is cooking. Rarely recognized as it, it’s a part of us that looks for itself through flavors, colors and scents of foods which tell our story.
Reason for aggregation and social sharing of one’s own taste, the nature offers raw material, a nature we see for what it is, without counterfeiting.
The research strives to pursue sustainability, energy recovery and the use of eco-friendly materials and motivates us to use in fabrics naturalia materials and effects.

Stardust Trends S/S 2019

Ropes, knots, sails, rows. Small figuratives belonging to the world of ships; easy, recognizable, immediate motifs in their reassuring message.
Sitting by a pool with flat images that speak of sun, light, direct energy – a moment of serenity. Travelling is one of the growing industries: in a financially disorganized community, distrusting is a must in socially and historically difficult moments.

Stardust Trends S/S 2019

When does the future begin? But, above all, where does it begin? Let’s start once again from a nature that needs to be recovered in its primordial, uncontaminated dimension, joined to most evolved technologies to born again more luxuriant than ever in new worlds far away in space.
Nature is not dominated by evolution but becomes an indispensable element for its fulfillment. The research therefore strives to continue along a journey of sustainability, energy recovery and the use of eco-friendly materials.

Stardust Trends S/S 2019

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