Apr 23, 2018
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Italtex: Shirting colour and fabric trends A/W 19

Apr 23, 2018

Italtex: Shirting colour and fabric trends A/W 19

The phrase that best describes the trend of next Fall-Winter 2019-2020 is 'global cultural exchange'.

The peoples of the world get closer and closer and the different cultures influence each other.

The factors generating this situation are:
- Internet, mobile phones, the exponential increase of travelers due to the spread of low-cost companies in the transportation industry;
- Ice melting, a consequence of the global raise in temperatures, creates new communication routes in Northern Arctic;
- Migrations due to wars and the desire for revenge.

All these transformations produce huge socio-cultural changes.

Continents become communicating vessels exchanging goods, services and people.

FASHION, as expression of this ever changing world, is influenced.

Italtex: Shirting colour and fabric trends A/W 19

The first theme we find on our trip to the discovery of shirting trends is what we called BEYOND TRADITION - starting from classic to draw the future.

The new dress shirt starts from hyper-classic basics, simple and clean patterns, where small dobby effects decorate without weighing up the graphics, and fancy yarns - especially mélange and mouliné – confer a warm winter look.

Italtex: Shirting colour and fabric trends A/W 19

Also for colors, BEYOND TRADITION involves looking at classic style from a different point of view.
Pale blue gets warmer and softer, while grey is influenced by blue and beige. Both ranges accompany the new color proposals, where lilac takes over the place pink had in the past seasons and orange revitalizes greys and blues.
Rhododendron burgundy and tillandsia plum become the key hues of this style.

Italtex: Shirting colour and fabric trends A/W 19

These colour concepts also become the compass of colour combinations, where the new blues end greys are the chromatic bases relieved by lilac and orange.

Italtex: Shirting colour and fabric trends A/W 19

You’ll find full information on the color and fabric trends for shirting at the Italtex Shirting General Trends  AW 19-20.

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