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Valentino - Menswear Fashion Show Fall / Winter 2013/14

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At valentino, it\'s all about a new man. not without references, from british style with savile row tailoring and strong fabrics like tartan or prince of wales, to the italian man with this precious chic and the perfect couture spirit of the valentino house. but duo, pierpaolo piccioli and maria grazia chiuri, don\'t just stop at these inspirations, they go even further by introducing graphics and modernity, in the cuts and in the fabrics that are dry and strong like the different types of dry wool or leather found on sublime jackets or in stripes on coats. among the essentials, the cape is offered in multiple materials or the light sweater and white shirt can be adopted for all occasions. colours are basic but deep with blue, gray and black. music from the fashion show interview maria grazia chiuri : we propose a cape that is a new piece in the man\'s wardrobe. we also propose in another way, bonds and also prints in a totally different way to thermo stitching, because we believe that in any case the man wants something that he knows but he wants it in a new way. pierpaolo piccioli : to see these kind of elements that are part of menswear tradition with a different eye, so from a new angle because when you see the checks are not the same, they don\'t have the same attitude of an english look, sort of sartorial, but they become kind of italian antonioni, more beautiful in a way, and more light. also we created a check with a thermo stitching, like technical traditions, so it\'s interesting because you don\'t define it in one word, and you don\'t define the man in one word, for this check. maria grazia chiuri : and it\'s important to do something new because we believe that it\'s very important to move the desire.