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Atelier Versace - Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2013 fashion show (with itw)

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Donatella versace opens up the haute couture shows by presenting the atelier versace couture line, with front row guests such as kevin costner, ne-yo and charlene of monaco. the designer has completely succumbed under the former headquarters of crédit lyonnais and has paraded her 27 models under the glass roof of this historic building. an entirely modern collection with denim two-pieces in lightweight wool or in japanese denim, woven with 24 carat gold pinstripe. fluorescent colours are featured as well as transparent sets. vertical bands of mink have been scattered on some outfits to add some winter warmth. interview : donatella versace i was very inspired from this place where we are now because it's magnificent, the architecture is really amazing. when i came in, i was speechless to see the place, to see the sights for my show. so from there i started the collection, looking at the dome and i started the collection from that, fragility and strength, glass and iron. it's woven from a special, special fabric which is wool-silk with stripes in real gold and after that, later on, comes out two outfits in denim but denim again woven in gold. i didn't use a lot of embroidery in the classic way, i like to experiment with different things, so, the colours of the collection are black & white and just two fluorescent colours : yellow &, fuchsia, there is a fiber around the dress with a finer silhouette of the dress in acid colours. the idea is this ethereal woman to walk on a very strong heels, so, the look of a naked feet that makes everything in transparency. kevin costner : i had a very beautifully, personal invitation and i wanted to see this, it's nice to be invited and i really like to see what's going on in the world, what i don't know at the world, i can be odd and swayed and i think it's great fun for my wife and her mother, so that's why i'm here. kevin costner : j'ai reçu une invitation très belle et personnalisée, et je voulais vraiment venir, c'est agréable d'être invité et j'aime bien voir ce qu'il se passe. je ne connais pas ce monde, pourquoi pas être influencé par cela, et je pense que c'est génial pour ma femme et sa mère, donc je suis là. music from the fashion show