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Antonio Marras - Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Milan (with itw)

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Poetic interlude at antonio marras, with an outbreak of flowers and an explosion of colours, materials. the designer also handles embroidery with talent which he applies on masculine fabrics (flannel, tennis stripe, tartan.). the silhouette is structured with little jackets emphasizing the waist and large skirts. fullness in the sleeves of a short jacket, generous volumes for a printed mohair sweater. gold, the underlying theme, is found as a total look for a tube skirt and a knitted sweater ensemble. picturesque dresses echo the theme of the collection, paying tribute to the painters, the women and the intellectuals of la belle epoque. once again the sardinian designer succeeds in making us dream and forget about the gloomy economic downturn and the snow that falls on rainy milan, keeping us in a gentle bubble borrowed from the past. music from fashion show interview antonio marras : it was about virginia woolf, vita sackville, vanessa bell, and all the women who have really created a wonderful world during moments of the "bloomsbury circle" ... it was really an extraordinary moment for art, poetry, literature and photography and i thought that we could recreate a house with a garden, a bedroom and a library, plus i tried to look in the cupboards to recreate accurate silhouettes. there is a gold point, it's the underlying theme of the collection, but i thought about mixing it with masculine fabrics. in fact this woman firstly lives in the city but she will end up living in the countryside. we mix savile row fabrics with old military things and with old pieces of embroidery, parts of old sofas, which are mixed and which finally create different silhouettes. these are pieces which were made in sardinia and there are incredible embroiderers who do exceptional things, they are really unique pieces.