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Christophe Lemaire Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (With Itw)

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Christophe lemaire proposes a wardrobe surrounding the essentials, borrowed from menswear like long military coats, wide trousers, white shirts which are always present. it brings a femininity through volumes, high waists, details of construction, comfortable materials and always luxurious, with tweed, cashmere, silk twill ... so much poetry for a profound and sensual collection. music from fashion show interview christophe lemaire : i always approached the collections with the same thought, how to help a woman to be herself, and to feel contemporary, and create long lasting clothing. i love this intimate dimension of clothes. i think that clothes are the little house, it\'s the first thing that we wear and so always thinking of an essential dimension, a high accuracy, comfort, gesture, that\'s what interests me. nothing more beautiful than a good cotton, obviously wool, cashmere, silk, alpaca, i have nothing against synthetic materials but in general i like materials that age well. i\'ve always loved working on sleeves, on large piece and then i wanted to work on the masculine side, a bit military, but re-proportioned on the woman\'s body, so every time it\'s a work of balance between what can make a masculine piece look good on a girl, and it has to be flattering at the same time. i wanted colours that are a little bit faded, yellow pieces, bluey gray, ocher.