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Christian Dior Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (with itw)

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Gigantic mirrored spheres and a path of clouds on the ground, form the dreamlike décor of the latest christian dior collection based on the shared passions of new designer raf simons and his founder mr dior. with art as an obsession, belgian raf simons presents « painting » dresses, referring to salvador dali or andy warhol, translating into prints or embroidery. the `tailleur bar' is reinterpreted into woolen denim in navy blue or charcoal, the gray tweed coat adjusted to the waist is worn as a dress, and black and white irish knitwear, an original touch of the show, is transformed into a dress with a tail. asymmetry is found throughout the collection in silhouettes changing into both short and long versions. and the houndstooth check, the iconic pattern of the house is placed on body's, bustiers, behind the neckline of jackets, dresses and coats. with modernism, respect and elegance, throughout the season raf simons shapes a new identity for the house of dior. music from fashion show interview raf simons : the first thing is always going back to a certain moment in time, in the past like he was always going back to the belle epoque period, and i'm always going back to the mid-century period. the second thing was the reference to art or the link to art one way or another because what everyone knows but nobody knows exactly what it was, was that mr christian dior was extremely involved in the art world before he started his own couture house. the third thing was that i liked the idea of working on the idea that you can allow yourself to go back in time and that you can be inspired with art and i thought of an idea of a scrapbook, so it's very connected to psychology and feelings and emotions. on the one hand you have the reality and it's important i think to be very clear about the reality of our lives and the reality of a woman's life and the possibilities that women should have now i think in relation to fashion, making it possible, but on the other hand i also like the idea that you can do something more surreal, something more mindset, like something more to dream about. i want to work on silhouettes that are not christian dior literal silhouettes as we know them but they speak that kind of sensibility.