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2010-2013 : the MUGLER vocabulary created by Nicola Formichetti (with itw)

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From 2010 to 2013, nicola formichetti was given the difficult role of reviving the fashion department of the legendary mugler house. internationally recognized as lady gaga's stylist, and already responsible of style at uniqlo, the designer also contributed to create a new mugler vocabulary. his first strong point: the use of social networks and especially the presence of lady gaga. from the beginning, with the soundtrack to his first woman’s show, nicola formichetti created a buzz for mugler with the star. for menswear with help from designer romain kremer, formichetti reproduces the mugler essentials: futuristic appearances and innovative materials. the designer proposes new versions of tailoring, without forgetting the rather successful sportswear side. for women’s ready-to-wear, formichetti plays with the codes that have made the reputation of the house. we find small heads, references to insect women, rounded volumes and marked shoulders and up until summer 2013, where he moves towards a younger, more urban woman. music free of right / bandit & nikit - 2012 interview nicola formichetti : so when i was asked to work on the brand i was like, no way, i wouldn’t be able to do something so spectacular like what he has created…that’s my childhood. the superhuman aspect, and the glamour. i’m a bit of a punk, and i haven’t studied fashion. you know, i really thought about it and just tired to do my own take on it. of course she’s my best friend, and we work together and we collaborate on everything together. so for me, it wasn’t even a question – i wanted her to be in my first show. so what i’ve done is, i went through his archive and picked things that i like from different eras, womanswear, menswear, and then i put all the clothes and then did a styling session, i wanted to go hip hop, urban, and just very cool and nothing too much of a drama, just like direct. i’ve always been a big fan of latex but it’s probably because of mr mugler, also we used a liquid latex, so just kind of playing around with this kind of synthetic clothing, mixed with very classical suiting and it’s all about really simple lines and then attitude.