Jeremy Scott Spring Summer Collection 2014 in New York (ITW)

Jeremy Scott has a sense of humour and knows how to translate this into his runway show entitled ‘Teenagers in Mars’. It is not a question of structured silhouettes or research into new innovations but more a question of style which only this designer has dared to create and to maintain, mixing genres and collecting references from cartoons and artists. His prints tell a widely recognized story. The clothes are sexy, with mini dresses that are open at the side, cropped tops in varnished leather, zips appear to be back-pockets and super light swimming costumes. Young American singers sit adoringly in the front row, and sisters Nicky and Paris Hilton take everything in and envisage themselves in a few of the clothes on their next evening out. The essential element remains that hint of folly which is ever present, season after season…

Jeremy Scott: I was really just thinking about the early eighties and the New York lower east-side art scene; I was thinking about Kimmy Sharf who I collaborated with on prints, thinking about Kimmy and Keith and Bascia and a whole scene of people around them and there are cool kids who are watching early art-house films and have this fifties movie aesthetic and I thought about the kind of furniture they would have and the textiles and tried to bring that all to life. I love graphics, I love being able to speak through the fabric, I love playing with colour and I feel that it’s such a joy and it’s something that no one else really does so I feel like it’s my signature. I think it’s important to have some sex and some humour and some fun in fashion.

Music from the show

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