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Dries Van Noten Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris (with interview)

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In this enormous, dark hangar in halle freyssinet and to the sound of a solo electric-guitar played by a musician stationed in the middle of the set, the clothes of dries van noten shine in all their glory. gold, which plays a central role in this summer 2014 collection, appears from the start. fringes and pompoms are scattered on jackets or travelling-case style bags. as for frills, they become the common thread in the collection, shirred, re-embroidered, or added to the sides, on a dress, a skirt or an overcoat resembling a bouquet of flowers. the vintage prints originate from the archives of the museum of decorative arts – where dries van noten prepared an exhibition. in parallel with his men’s collection, 50 girls line up in front of a golden wall for a stunning finale… dries van noten: there is a lot of gold in this collection, which for me expresses a modernity, a strength and a richness. with this collection, i really wanted to slightly rework lots of feminine elements; ruffles, beehives, pleats and transparency and to change these even just slightly as there were certain women who inspired me such as tamara de lempicka, loulou de la falaise and charlotte rampling and i tried to imagine their wardrobes for my 2014 collection. there are lots of fringes and pompons and these are all decorative materials that i do not usually use, so it was fun to see how to push the image, the clothes and that it all remained accessible, that it remained something that people would like to wear. there is plenty of fluidity, which creates a contrast with a more natural side, completely untreated, which really gives an everyday side and an easy side, and even if the clothes are often large and oversized, i wanted to make them very elegant. we also used natural cotton to contrast with the most precious silk, a silk which was reproduced as part of our work at the museum of decorative art, where we prepared the exhibition, and so we took some jacquard from the archives that we reproduced and used in this collection. music from the show