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Schiaparelli - Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 Show in Paris (with itw)

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At the place vendôme in paris, the shocking pink carpet of legendary ‘schiap’ welcomes privileged guests to the unveiling of the first haute couture collection for 60 years. the first model highlights the efforts of marco zanini to portray his own idea of couture, through the prints, headgear and flat sandals even if the schiaparelli dna can be felt on pointed hats, varying prints (from sweeties to soldiers) and a certain lightness, even a non-conformist edge. feathers decorate the backs and laps of reversible jackets. the bride wears tailored trousers with a jacket embroidered in golden, metallic palm leaves. 19 models were presented and applauded by jean-paul gaultier, pier paulo piccioli and maria grazia chiuri (artistic directors of valentino) alongside carla bruni-sarkozy and elle macpherson, two close friends of farida khelfa, the ambassador of this maison.interview:marco zanini:it is for the first time after 60 years actually, so all of us were very excited about today because it is about time that we spoke about schiaparelli again because she was such a relevant personality in the 20th century, not just a fashion designer and i think that her legacy is very contemporary and it is very relevant for today. she was an independent, irreverent and elegant woman.here, we are chasing a non-conformist idea of beauty and elegance but always chic of course and with the highest standards of couture.everything was executed here in paris with the help of the amazing, amazing ateliers that you can only find here.carla bruni-sarkozy:at the same time, there is the schiaparelli image that i imagined with several prints and originality and i also found a contemporary image and something wearable for the women of today and something magnificent.i really like the suits, jacket and trousers and also reversible pieces, extremely sophisticated and yet very couture and very classic at the same time.elle macpherson:i love the combination of masculine and feminine and also evening gowns with flat shoes which is a big favourite of mine as i always wear flat shoes in the evening and the attention to detail, it was light but strong at the same time and that is a very difficult combination to make but i think they did a fantastic job.music from the show