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Prabal Gurung -Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Show in New York (with itw)

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Prabal gurung’s show is always highlighly anticipated, being one of the most in vogue designers in new york (like altuzarra and phillip lim). for the coming winter, he draws inspiration from his roots and motherland; nepal. this starts from the first outfit; a jacket adorned with white mongolian sheepskin is worn over a silk draped dress. these dresses can be glimpsed beneath large cashmere sweaters. prints on a thick jumper and trousers pay reference to the himalaya mountains. warm colours dominate, in particular reddish tones which are found on even the embroidery and weaving. everything ties together, criss-crossing in the style of traditional garments. materials are mixed, with satin detailing appearing on flannel, silk on suede or cashmere. torn blazers make an impact with evening dresses reflecting the large golden drums that set the scene.interview:prabal gurung :this is our fifth year since i started my business and so the inspiration is about homecoming, going back to nepal and it is deeply inspired by the rich culture and the landscape of the himalayas and especially this place called mustang and the way the textures and the colours and the draping worn over something tailored and all that was the inspiration for me and just going back home, it was such a comforting feeling.i always feel that clothes are a representation of how i view women and i view women with utmost respect because they have inspired me and my goal is to make them look beautiful and in their layered, complex world of women, these clothes are the representation of their emotions.there is cashmere from italy then pashmina shawls from nepal like these fabrics that we develop from cecily’s (brown) paintings and then we turn it into a woven print or fabric, fur, feather, embroidery, all based on that and so you see that in the collection; a lot of turtlenecks, a lot of tailoring with draping mixed into it because that is how they wear their clothes. music from the show