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Unique Topshop Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in London (with itw)

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Topshop’s high-end line always counts itself amongst the biggest shows of london fashion week. so much so that regular guests include kate moss (who is currently designing her own topshop collection) and poppy delevigne. for several seasons now, this meeting has taken place at london’s famous museum, the tate modern. once again, this collection celebrates the outdoors with an array of overcoats, blazers and down jackets, interspersed with hints of fur and wool. artistic director kate phelan rejuvenates the english school uniform, making it urban, sensual and fashionable: a white shirt worn as a dress, with t-shirts, miniskirts and braces offered in leather or shiny satin. evening dresses, which conclude the show, even appear more risqué amidst plays with embroidery and transparency.music from the fashion showkate phelan:it started with the idea of girls’ school uniform and the idea of modifying your uniform to make it sexy or to make it more fashion and so that is how the tailoring started to have this slightly slouchy and quite played around with. we all talked about when we were at school and how we would roll our skirts up and make our ties really short and it was a very british thing to do that, to really rebel in your uniform and try and be different. of course, a lot of the pieces have this wonderful embroidery and writing on them and how young girls all want a tattoo so the idea is that the tattoo is on your clothes and a lot of the embroideries were talking about bad girls getting tattoos but actually you can do it on your clothes instead.