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Tom Ford Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in London (with itw)

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Tom ford splits his life between london and his natal home of new mexico, withthis latest collection perfectly mirroring both these anchorage points. on one hand, we notice the swing of 60s london with a certain tribute to photographer david bailey (whose must-see exhibition is showing currently in london). this decade appears on an exquisite black velvet dress that opens the show or on silk, black velvet suits made-up of drawstring jumpers and short skirts in wool, cashmere and leather. the wild west emerges in the detail, from laced-up tops, reinterpreted cowboy boots and even ponchos that become baggy tops worn over trousers or a maxi-skirt. animalistic touches are wilder than usual with panther prints, a red crocodile outfit and lizard-skin boots…the tf logo comes to the forefront, studded on boots in crystals or the clasp of a bag whilst the designer’s full name appears on sequined football dresses, an adaptation of the t-shirt worn by pal jay z whose ‘tom ford’ song features on his latest album..interview:tom ford:when you go as far as i did last fall with beads, colour and pattern and a mix of ethnic cultures from all over the world and then for spring, it is a little bit pulled back but there are still lots of sequins and colour and beads and i just felt like pulling back and it is still very luxurious but slightly more modest luxury which is what feels good to me right now. it is a much more streamline silhouette, less emphasis on the waist but still quite sexy through the hip, so it got me looking at that very graphic quality of the early 60s which i have always loved and i mixed that with some very streamline versions of western things from my childhood and i love cowboy boots and every time i see a woman wearing real cowboy boots in the city, i think ‘oh poor thing, that’s so sad!’. i wear cowboy boots too but when i come back to london i don’t wear them because they don’t look right so i thought how can i bring that shape and that silhouette to an urban customer. my home in new mexico mixed with my home in london.the tom ford dresses are really knock-offs of a knock-off, that is being sold online for not very much money, of a football jersey that says tom ford molly that jay-z has been wearing when he performs the tom ford song in stadiums and so i thought ‘i will knock off the knock-off’ and turn it into an evening dress.the logo is only as valuable as the product that it is on so you have to be careful with logo. i don’t believe that i am at the point in my life where i want to just sell out and put a logo all over everything but my logo now stands for quality, its stands for design and actually those bags close over the logo so i showed them flopping open because the logo is underneath just like the fur is on the inside of the jacket so the logo is underneath. there is a little logo on the boot but other than the big logo underneath, it is not so strong.music from the fashion show