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Elie Saab - Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in Paris (with itw)

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Magic always happens at the elie saab show. each season, his ensembles, his daywear and particularly his magnificent dresses teach us the true meaning of seduction. gradations of colour, green and red at the bottom, finishing in black, bring even more depth to these dresses designed entirely in velvet, and then appearing in small touches, as bands on voluptuous dresses. fine pinstripes bring a more graphic look, making outfits more modern, emphasized by belts that show off the hips. sensuality reigns, especially across transparent pieces, long slits and nude backs. then, sequin embroidery appears all over gowns, like a firework that concludes this show bursting with femininity and poetry… interview:elie saab:i tried to work on the structure and also on the graphics, particularly during the first part of the collection. on the striped ottoman fabrics like this, it gave another dimension to the depth of colour.there are numerous dresses that are made entirely in velvet with dégradés and in another part, the velvet became graphic. we mixed the velvet with different materials in the collection to give more depth and perhaps more sense. every season, we try to handle embroidery in a different way. this time, we did a lot of work on hammered sequins to give colours and again more depth to the materials.music from the fashion show