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Moncler Gamme Rouge - Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in Paris (with itw)

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After italy, the north pole and the jungle, the latest moncler gamme rouge collection by giambattista valli transports us to different capitals around the world, showcased by urban scenes on giant screens around the runway. streetworkers as firemen are represented but always with the mischievous and couture eye of the designer. yellow and orange bands appear on puffas, introducing a graphic aspect. cropped coats become new trendy jackets for city dwellers. kaki outfits then burst forth, truly resembling delivery men, the graffiti and other drawing designed by italian artist maurizio cannavacciulo from the colour to huge enveloping overcoats. the final pieces revolve around black and grey, decorated with embroidered gems and/or studs with zips and hoods, fur on the back or crocodile skin on the front, next season’s must-have looks. particularly since, following high demand, a male version of moncler gamme rouge springs from this collection, soon to be commercialized …interview:giambattista valli:i actually always make long journeys with moncler, i travel with the collections and every time, there is a different story. this season, i wanted to do cities from around the world, so we travel through tokyo, shanghai, new york or london or wherever. you can feel the speed of these big cities and we move from capital to capital through the clothes of street workers. kids from around the whole world find and collect pieces that belong to workers, like the ups guy for example. there was a whole section about the rapidity of worldwide delivery. afterwards, you find pieces taken from firemen but they have all been customized with studs, with graffiti and stories and it was an italian artist called maurizio cannavacciulo who did all the graffiti that appeared in the collection.it is moncler gamme rouge, it is a balance between the moncler universe and that of giambattista valli but in reality it is only a vision of valli that is not entirely dedicated to women. it is an aesthetic vision, very much my own vision but this one focuses on one precise item, the puffa jacket. in fact, it is about an exchange between a guy and a girl, who swap clothes between them, so there is this unisex side to both of them.music from the fashion show