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Best of Portugal Fashion Week - Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collections

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From 26th to 29th march, it was time for the 34th edition of portugal fashion week, reuniting thirty designers and presenting the latest trends for fall/winter 2014/15. over the years, portugal has established itself more and more in the fashion domain, with the emergence of a hotbed of young designers and the assertion of talent, shining a light on the ever-evolving portuguese fashion. let’s take a look at a handful of designers who caught our eye on the porto runway.educated at the porto fashion school and at 28 years-old, daniela barros already has international experience. structured and voluminous coats are the centre pieces of her collection.hugo costa started off designing shoes before turning to the world of clothing. he gave up his computer engineering studies to retrain in fashion. he offers a masculine collection filled with over-the-top volumes.susanna bettencourt already has an enviable cv, with a career at the celebrated saint martin’s in london and having created clothes for lady gaga’s ‘born this way’ tour. prints reflect the true value of her latest collection.after completing a masters in human resources and a stint in the modeling industry, joao pedro estelita mendoça discovered his love for fashion and graduated in 2007 from the porto academy of fashion. oversized volumes and unexpected textures characterize his wardrobe.we must also focus on the big names in portuguese fashion who unveil their visions for next winter.julio torcato takes inspiration from aristocracy and retro uniforms for an urban wardrobe.anabela baldaque presents a collection rich in fabrics, thick materials and mixtures of prints.luis buchinho transports us into the world of painter georges rousse, creating extremely structured silhouettes and lines where materials are intermixed with colours.diogo miranda plays with contrasts, fabrics and silhouettes. the waist is defined by large shapes, referring to a woman’s elegance during the 50s.teresa martin reinterprets portuguese folklore, especially by using azulejo motifs. fatima lopes was inspired by nature. circular silhouettes are reminiscent of moss and the bark of a tree. kaki, sea-green and metallic green make up this wintery palette, with knitwear and cashmere layered over transparent chiffon.working with materials is carlos gil. his bird lady is adorned with feathers before transforming into a mermaid with metallic leather scales.miguel viera is perhaps one of the oldest designers to have presented during this fashion week. his collection, themed ‘one night in winter’ extols a mismatched suit and emphasises pieces inspired by tuxedos, with the return of the bowtie, oversized ensembles and plays with lengths.vicri incorporates plastic to give a new look to the jacket and makes checks the print of the season.hibu and joao melo costa are two young designers who made an appearance in lisbon, supported by event organizers who help to promote them on a national and international level.hibu concentrates on black. this colour reigns supreme in an androgynous collection, reflecting the true dna of the label.joao melo costa unveils an elegant and urban style.aves goncalves proposes feminine silhouettes in over-the-top sizes, with details and finishes done by hand. ornamentations contrast with more rustic materials, composing an elaborate wardrobe.and lastly, story tailors looks to the future, whilst still respecting the past and ancestral traditions with a new approach in the designing of clothes.music free of right : bandit & nikit-2012