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Key Fashion Moment : The extravagant shows of Alexander McQueen

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Alexander mcqueen began his career at the age of 16 as a tailor on savile row, and brutally ended it at 40 years old, committing suicide at his home in london in 2010. he has left a mark on the universe of fashion through his talent and extravagant shows, each one with a specific theme, telling a story just like a play. we go back to the greatest mise-en-scenes of an extraordinary couturier. interview: alexander mcqueen:after i left college i went to paris to look for work, like every student does, and i went to see martin but he couldn’t afford to pay me, and then i went to gaultier and then there was some nasty queen on the front door to gaultier. and i thought fuck this. i was supposed to be there for five days i was back in five hours… because there was no one else i wanted to work for apart from margiela and gaultier. katy england: he’s just got a very clever mind, and he doesn’t follow fashion, he’s not that interested in the trends. he just suddenly thinks of something that’s really really imaginative, he might be inspired by art or... he just has a very strange vision of things which suddenly comes to life. he’ll explain an image and you’ll think wow, that’s very very strong, and that will then in turn inspire a collection. i’ve never met someone else who thinks of these things, it’s just exciting really.alexander mcqueen:i call myself very schizophrenic; i have so many different, you know, personalities. music paris modes archives