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Topshop Unique - Collection Spring/Summer 2015 London

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For the new collection at unique, the top ready to wear range at topshop was inspired from the north of england at the seaside where the youth culture love to mix sportswear with more chic pieces to go out in. short hooded jackets, flowing skirts, high waisted trousers with knitted crop tops, playsuits, leather jackets…as well as the much needed basics, and also for the queens of the ballroom, the see-through dancing dresses were embroidered with diamantes and rhinestones, which cara delevigne wore to close the show, which pleased the audience greatly. interview: kate phelan: it was really sort of taking from the youth culture in the north of england, where they love their casual wear, they like to wear sportswear and it’s that real boy/girl thing that i love to mix up together, so you get the tomboy in the sports-knits and then you get the little frill, feminine and pleated skirts or the little frilly knickers it’s bringing the boy and girl together and just keeping it in a very sort of real earthy, sort of youthful place.we took the inspiration from blackpool and the pleasure beach, and you know we’ve all become obsessed with ‘strictly come dancing’ so to have those dancing dresses, and that’s the home of ballroom dancing is blackpool, so that was the idea to bring those very pretty sparkly dresses in at the end.the clothes feel real, they feel like they have a place in the wardrobe, that they’re easy to wear and easy to put together in the style that you want to wear them.poppy delevigne: i thought it was very eclectic, there was something for everyone in there, i liked that it was retro and ethereal at the same time, it had all sorts of different dimensions to it. musique défilé