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Vionnet - Collection Spring/Summer 2015 in Paris (with interview)

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Yet again, the fashion house vionnet created a show with an incredible mise-en-scène. in the basement of the museum of architecture in paris, we took a journey through a long tunnel, where the girls were transformed into ballerinas, with their shadows looking like outlines of dance moves. goga ashkenazi, owner and creative director of the house, outlined backstage the importance of the movement of the body, revealing it with bodies and suspenders. the tones were revolved around white, grey and beige. the draping of the clothes was sensual, and the tulle skirts were transformed into loose skirts worn with bras. the accessories held their importance too with the huge belts and the back packs with harnesses. interview: goga ashkenazi: it was all about the spirit, the soul of those girls really going independently and dancing. but they really are inspirational and have inspired many generations now, and continue to inspire us as well. what we’re trying to do, is fashion all in white, all in light colours, and putting importance on the textures. music from the show.