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Party Outift Trend : Gold vs Black

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A shower of gold flooded the latest fashion show by diane von furstenberg proving that gold is making a chic comeback, above all with short evening dresses.and so the designer sets the theme : the gold dress will be the hit this season. gold also appeared on a number of other shows in very couture ranges with lace, embroidery and gold thread. thom browne even went as far to research gold vintage fabrics to create some exceptional designs. gold can even be worn head to toe. no matter what age gold can be recreated to suit each decade with one principal idea; it can be a piece of conversation or just for fun. if gold isn’t your thing, play with the opposite with the perfect black dress, an iconic and key piece in any woman’s wardrobe that the designers love to reinvent. a model of rare elegance, always with a sense of mystery. a long dress or equally if you prefer a shorter version, by choosing a cocktail dress you can wear it time and time again. it always has the same effect no matter what the occasion. interviews: diane von furstenberg: at the end there was a final with only gold, where there were what i like to call gold ballerina wraps.thom browne: well it started with a vintage gold lamé fabric that i found and so it really started from there, it’s such a beautiful fabric and unfortunately once i used it, i can’t find it or use it again, but it was worth really being able to focus a whole group around it and it also played into the 40s hollywood. michel gaubert: a little bit like 90s fashion shows, all that energy, everything, it’s what we’ve done just without any fuss, just feel good.jeremy scott: it’s fashion with a capital f for fun! vera wang: obscurity, a little bit of black , a little bit of grey, to be seductive, not sad, and i really wanted the women to have a sense of mystery, and to be far from everyday and to live in a different world. free music / bandit & nikit