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Schiaparelli - Haute Couture Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2015 in Paris with interviews

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Stop! look & listen: was the name of the collection presented by elsa schiaparelli in january 1935 for the opening of her couture house on 21 place vendôme. equally an excellent definition for this collection without a name this season. a look back to the vocabulary of the great designer with a mise en scene by jean-paul goude. a white smoking jacket embroidered with fastenings, was followed by a sari blouse embroidered in needle heads which were found printed and on pieces like the fur on the penultimate look. a very schiap collection! the studio team and involvement of farida khelfa succeeded in offering a coherent and successful collection.interviews: carla bruni- sarkozy: the work of haute couture is such a traditional work that is so important and i think that all these dresses that you see, that the designer creates today, that the couturier has done for 50 or 60 years now, and they will be in a museum one day because really the testimony of this know-how doesn’t exist anywhere else but here in france.farida khelfa: i knew that we needed to make an impact in the show and to the clothes, so we made an exceptional mise en scene, but not a mise en scene that would distract from the show and with jean-paul goude, i knew that he was going to magnify everything and that he would do something dark and moving and i hope that was the message that has come across.alice eve: i love the show, i’ve just been to africa so the african music, and the african inspiration was very prevalent so i thought it was fantastic actually, there were some really wonderful pieces, my favourite was the green dress with the sparkles around the neck.music from the show