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Topshop Unique- Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in London with interview

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English women are celebrated in the latest collection by topshop unique. how can we not think of them whilst seeing these huge coats and jackets paraded with collars and cuffs in fur, with light dresses in floral prints worn just underneath. there is always a touch of sensuality and fluidity, reflected by the creative director, kate phelan (also a consultant for british vogue) perfectly english, ready to jump into the car to go and get some fresh air in the country, wearing a beige jumper and high waisted chocolate leather trousers or a very sixties checked dress…but also always ready for a party or to go for a cocktail, in these dresses in black velvet embroidered with gold flowers and crystal or scattered with ostrich feathers. to note: the famous blue trench in vinyl leather and the dungarees in brown velvet…interview: kate phelan: it wasn’t really based on the sixties, it was more about taking all those really great british classics, like taking the duffle coat and giving it a real upgrade you know, and putting shearling and changing the toggles, for press studs, and just making everything feel modern and now, but really starting with a classic origin, so really going into our archives, like wonderful knitwear, and chunky knitwear, and you know maybe the idea that she’s taken her shearling fur from her grandmother and she takes that with her on her journey to london, where she starts to embrace the big city life. i think that’s exactly it, winter doesn’t have to be gloomy, winter is something, those watery skies and winter sun, it’s the most beautiful thing, to have all those lovely flowers and hedgerow flowers, just sort of blowing in the wind on the prints was just to make it feel very light and very fresh.music from the show