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Stella McCartney - Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

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In the opera garnier, stella mccartney offers an urban and confident woman. the designer works with different luxurious wools for next winter, through long, asymmetrical jumper dresses. the tailored trousers – that you can keep forever – are not worn with jackets but with strapless tunics, which are lightly flared, just like the long trousers. the silhouette is not straight, but ends in volume and frills. she also adds sections of brocade on a shoulder for a touch of shine. the grizzly coats make their entrance, a way for stella to show that it is possible to design using faux fur. without forgetting the black and white silk which plays with graphic shapes. to note: these necklaces with large pearls that you can style however you like, to wear over bare shoulders, that the designer knows so well to put as a focus...interviews:stella mccartney: the stella woman is always the inspiration but then when you find her in winter it was really about exploring the precision of the stella woman but also letting her come undone and discovering her sensual side and more about who she is in her gentler moments. it was quite country at times, there was a colour palette of the forest and tweeds and brushed materials, and boiled wools, but there was a lot of movement and a lot of femininity as well and romance. if you come to stella you can find the suit you need for the rest of your life but what i wanted to offer on the runway was a suit that had a little more conversation to it, so that you could perhaps wear it in the evening, you know the bustier tailored piece you could wear without the knit obviously underneath, and you could wear it in the evening. this season i just wanted to show everyone you don’t need to wear fur, fur can be removed from the world of fashion and actually fake fur is really relevant, really cool, really young. edward enninful: i love all the sections with the brocade, mixed with tweed and i think that stella is great because she walks a fine line between clothes that you can actually wear and also clothes that can inspire imagination as fashion stories and the perfect designer for our times. paul mccartney: she always does a great job, she’s the most talented designer in the world!music from the show