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Vionnet- Fashion Show Ready to Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in Paris (with interview)

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At the cordeliers convent, later in the day, the vionnet house reveals an enchanting collection where the woman becomes a princess, heroine or dancer. each outfit is wrapped in a tulle cape as if to preserve and protect the body and clothing, more precisely the dresses. made with delicacy, these gowns highlight the back, cross at the front, drape and pleat themselves, and change proportions ... the woman is glorified and made very personal by anna cleveland who opens the show and by kirsten owen who closes it. please note: the sublime jewellery on this strapless dress or huge earrings.interview from hussein chalayan and goga ashkenazi:hussein chalayan:i think that the first thing to look at, is to understand the principles of the house and really be loyal to the principles of the house. i think it is really about how can we respect the heritage, how we can make it modern and relevant. how we can imagine madeleine would think now. we had the doric idea of the columns, we had the preservation idea and then there was also the idea of the dresses that were quite lacy and ‘under weary’ but in a very vionnet, feminine way. we had the tailoring that was presented in a more fluid way and then we had the accessories that gave it an urban edge, perhaps. goga ashkenazi:essentially we are taking all of our concepts and we are protecting them and then we are evolving into something relevant and modern and new and hopefully flowing and vionnet but in the 21st century. music of the show