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Dior & Avedon : a relationship on glossy paper!

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Christian dior and richard avedon started to work and found glory almost at the same time in the 40s. since then, the american photographer for over 30 years has never stopped putting in the biggest magazines the dior designs, made by christian, the founder, but also the other designers like yves saint laurent and marc bohan. a book retraces the most famous of avedon’s photographs whilst diving into the unique world of a big parisian house. with an interview from: olivier saillard:avedon's talent is the ability to be distant and accessible at the same time, which is a paradox, this kind of great elegance that is french chic; making french chic irresistible. that is to say, we see pictures of alluring suits, evening dresses which are only haute couture, because it is only haute couture, and it’s photographed with elephants on a course with acrobats in a bar in les halles. he brought a kind of proximity whilst maintaining the high fashion dream idea. more than a staged fashion, it was a fashion that was staged by the woman herself, who wore it, because there wasn’t a 50’s dress that wasn’t feminine, an alluring, fitted, shapely tailoring, the most divine evening dress. there’s no coincidence that today during a couturier’s career, there is a moment when he will snoop around in the 50’s and it will be a graceful time in his work, it’s the woman’s setting. music free of right/ bandit & nikit 2015