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The tuxedo : Racil's charming addition!

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The tuxedo, a timeless piece of the female wardrobe, made iconic through yves saint laurent in 1966, is today reinterpreted with modernity through a generation of new designers. this is the case for racil chahloub, who created the foundations for her label and reinvents it with freshness. an essential, that she wears herself from day to night; rendering this clothing an additional charming piece. with an interview from racil chalhoub:for my first season it was really an introduction to tuxedo dressing and the way in which i see it, which is a more casual way for today’s girls where you can wear a suit with a t-shirt and trainers and be seriously cool. so for this season i really pushed that idea far. i grew up in paris, i studied fashion design and fashion marketing in london and i always wanted to release my ready to wear label but i was never quite ready. but i had a moment where i just decided it was the right time to do it and i really did want to do it with this tuxedo idea. having said how much i wanted to do it, i created a tuxedo brand introducing different jackets, different colours and i allowed every woman or girl to mix it all up and wear it in their own way. i really love beautiful wools, so we do work with wool that comes from savile row tailors, we in fact work with their materials too, so it really is men’s fabric, also men’s shirt fabrics and we change it all to be more feminine. there are a lot of elements in the tuxedo that you can take, reposition or replace and that makes everything quite fun.people don’t always think that it’s a basic, for me it’s truly even a beautiful tuxedo but in the cupboard it’s clearly a basic. music free of right / bandit & nikit - 2015