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Volez Voguez Voyagez : Louis Vuitton exhibits at the Grand Palais

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Everything starts with the man, the founder and visionary, louis vuitton and the idea of a flat trunk, considered as the luggage ancestor. an object that reinvents itself, picks itself up and travels from 1854 to today at this exhibition, divided into symbolic chapters. a way also to discover the most famous trunk-maker and its iconic monograms, now owned by the lvmh group, and of course to escape like the title indicates.exhibition - louis vuitton at the grand palais, paris - "volez, voguez, voyagez " from 04 december to 21 february 2016.interviews from olivier saillard & patrick-louis vuittonolivier saillard:in the same way we chose the title " voguez volez voyagez " which was really an advert from the 60s, we want to handpick the guests, much like at the big universal exhibitions at the start of the century. we do the experience of a world, of a dream and we all know that "travel" sometimes is just travelling in his room. so i think when you’re in a train atmosphere, a reconstruction of a 20s railway car, you can maybe travel much further than taking a plane today.i would say that the first generations at vuitton always said that they only made trunks that had a function and a mobility and it was out of the question to do trunk to just decorate a room. so if we want to dwell on a trunk’s geography; it is made for a purpose and to accompany a traveler or an explorer or a stylish lady, so it is always made to serve a need. patrick-louis vuitton:i have great pride in holding the ancestral know-how from louis, george and gaston and being able to re manufacture all the luggage that is here. to know, for over 100 years, that we have been able to maintain this savoir faire and evolve it, all means so much to me and it’s very moving to be able to present it all. music from the show