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AVOC Fashion show MENS collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Paris (with interviews)

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The duo avoc reinterprets the men’s basics by creating new urban pirates.designers: bastien laurent & laura dotheme: natural born piratesatmosphere: shed in the 10th paris arrondissement, singer and dancer, masks on the model’s headssilhouette: urban, sportswear, unisex. basics reinterpreted, the coat cut on the side, cigarette trousers and colorful sneakers on their feetfabrics: drape of wool, cotton, tied belt and snap buttonsto note: the shirt in burning cutsinterviews from bastien laurent & laura do:‘pirates’, that was the key word given to us with laura when we first started drawing. that was the basis that guided us whilst designing and when we finished the collection it inspired us for the staging too.when we started working on the pirates, we worked on the belt and for the woman the belts that close up the folds, so to give two interpretations of the same piece. we worked on the button but still remembering they’re pirates of the 21st century and not caribbean pirates so we used snaps and a part of the collection was from yoke fabric that was burned.although we are all young, it’s an adult’s collection i think, it's a mature collection, a more reassuring one than the others up until now.there are many more pieces so of course more fabrics and we have added a bit of wool, there are more fluid fabrics that are softer so to bring a more female side to our clothes which are very unisex.music of the show (do not reuse for more than 7 days)