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Dries Van Noten Fashion show- MENS collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Paris (with interview)

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Dries van noten showed his men on the stage of the palais garnier opera, midst dreams and magic.designer: dries van noteninspiration: to be on the stage at the famous opéra garnier in paris. between dreams and reality, seeing the "reverse" of the decor. inspired by the late 60s, the dries man combines a military spirit, the cool attitude of a beatnik, elegance leading towards a new decade. the focus: the trench coat or the coat straight cut, detach, seeing them transform into a skirt or bermuda shorts worn on the trousers. badges modernize, psychedelic designs emerge, the snake slithers on a shirt just like other asian prints lie on a jacket, the red velvet or the silk for evening. to note: an incredible setting. a strong masculinity mixed with a romantic softness.interview from dries van noten:my intention was to show the opera. we’ve been asking for 15 years now to have the opportunity to show on the stage here and finally we got the chance. i really wanted to use the idea of a dream and the idea of reality, that is what the opera represents but we also have the construction aspect with this raw side.it’s also about how we create dreams, so sometimes it’s funny to show the beautiful and on the other hand the reality, but it is a very beautiful reality. i really wanted to do a very masculine collection, i called it ‘peacock beatniks’ so i was really inspired by the end of the 60s, someone coming back from the war in vietnam. i focussed on the cuts of the clothes, for example a trench coat became a skirt as well as short jacket. for the parka we cut it and it became a tail coat. we have really played with cutting the clothes and transforming the clothes. music of the show (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)