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Yacine Aouadi fashion show - Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2016 (with interview)

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Designer: yacine aouadi inspiration: charlotte rampling in the damned & an organic wardrobe, which puts nature, transparency, clarity in the heart of the proposalsfabrics: leather, organza, python , lacecolours: powdered, clearto note: buttonholes with pearly buttons.interview from yacine aouadi: it is with great joy that i am here as it’s my first collection as a guest member. it is also a first collection because i’m still experimenting one of the different facets of my personality so actually this time i finished with black and i’ve moved on to clearer and much more sensual things.this is the season of x-ray loves so for me it's really about love, nature, a wedding show, the carnal side of an x-ray because we see all these transparencies. this means we can actually discover the subtly of shorts and the underwear which is ultra-feminine and ultra-carnal.there was lace and it was rewoven with lurex threads to create a wet and aquatic look.and then we assembled the python, its natural python, and then afterwards to do the more technical and modern side, we came to apply plastic vacuoles that we embroidered on the metal threads.music of the show (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)