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Elie Saab fashion show - Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2016 (with interview)

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Designer: elie saablocation: palais de chaillotinspiration: a garden party organized in new delhi by the british empire. a mix between casual youthfulness and princely alluresilhouette: proposals of numerous detachable pieces: tops, jackets, capes worn like saris, boleros all re-embroidered even sculpted in silver threads, chains, trimmings, grey pearls, swarovski crystals… multiples of fluid trousers, plus belted backless gowns with long sleevescolours: evocation of heat through beiges and shine with the silver threadsnote: accessories like tiaras, caps all embroidered + bags, belts or backpacks, flat boots and sandals interview from elie saab: it is about a relaxed woman. this time i worked on relaxed moments of a victorian woman who is in india. that's why all the embroideries were almost victorian, but when she arrived in india she tried to adapt; she put her shawl around her dress, interpreting the indian style.any youthfulness in haute couture demands a jacket, trousers, boots, a special bag and i thought it was a good idea to present detachable pieces. you can ask and buy a jacket, skirt, or trousers individually. i tried to present haute couture differently this time.the bride is almost indian, with the shawl and i liked having that volume with a more fitted waist and ampler on the lower half. i think it goes with this sari style silhouette. music of the show (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)