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Guo Pei fashion show - Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2016 (with interviews)

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Designer: guo peilocation: palais des beaux-arts / decor : chinese garden inspiration: the phoenix, heralding peace and prosperityto note: many pearl embroideries and semi-precious stones china’s couture star, guo pei was invited for the first time to come and show in paris by la chambre syndicale de la haute couturesilhouette: tunics, miniskirts and shortsinterviews from guo pei & cindy brunaguo pei: i was so happy to get the chance to take part and organise this show, because haute couture has always been my dream. i’ve done this job for 30 years now and today marks a turning point with my first haute couture show and it is also a way to pay homage to haute couture. so it’s a high point in my career, 30 years have flown by, and it’s also the start of a new chapter. it’s the first ever show i’ve organised in paris so it’s both paying homage to paris and it’s also a present for paris. i have to find another language to communicate my culture and my traditions. i think it’s important to be able to find this other language in order to transmit what i feel so strongly about, especially to the public here today. cindy bruna:it’s her first season doing haute couture in paris and she’s really succeeded in creating an incredible collection. she even said she’s been working on my dress for 2 years, which you’ll see today, so i am so proud and happy to be here. i wear the wonderful chopard jewels, i am so honoured and it is sublime. i have my body guard next to me, and he looks after me. music of the show (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)