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Spring/Summer 2016 Trend : Sleepwear gets out of bed!

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It is an eternal return: the pyjama trend is celebrated again this summer. the trouser and fluid jacket ensemble is now totally leaving bedroom and heading to the street. designers love it and even add to it the talk of a new femininity.(interviews x 2)for summer 2016, they went even further by choosing the white symbol of purity and comfort. riccardo tisci for his 10 years at givenchy enormously celebrates in his fashion show this sensuality emerging from night ensembles and lingerie, mixing subtlety and couture details. we no longer speak about hiding what’s underneath but rather of highlighting lightness. lace is in the heart of this celebration, sprinkling the edges of a beautiful piece or simply taking over. transparency remains a vital element and equally appears as a big trend. besides, other than pajamas, heart and soul has been devoted to the babydoll nightie.elegant at céline or calvin klein, it is worn so easily also for the evening. hedi slimane at saint laurent goes even further by mixing together reckless rock'n'roll and fluidity with these little transparent dresses that slip on but don’t forget to sparkle.with interviews from maxwell osborne & dao-yi chow & hussein chalayan maxwell osborne & dao-yi chow:we started off with a really light idea of sheerness and playing that with a sort of something more textual underneath. we wre able to see the different layers and we kept the proportion place super long and so you have a lot more drape and you have a lot more shape than we have done before in the past. i think it is sort of a reflexion of us wanting to take a step out a bit and explore what femininity means to us. hussein chalayan: there was also the idea of the dresses that were quite lacey and “underweary” but in a very vionnet way, very feminine. music free of right : bandit & nikit