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Ukraine Fashion week highlighted the younger generation!

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Ukraine thrives in fashion by investing so much into its young designers. the fashion week, which was held in kiev at the end of march for 6 days, multiplied its rendezvous, its gatherings, its meetups, and put forward programs encouraging the new generations. ‘fresh fashion’, is a perfect example, following designers closely, helping them to improve their brand and giving them the chance to show in the fashion week. juliya perekriostova was discovered, she plays with volumes and cuts, twits the garment to give it a new meaning. at roussin and dastish fantastish, it all comes down to the question of mixed collections, blending pop culture with a futuristic vision. same energy sparks for, ‘new names’ another program revealing unknown, however, very talented designers. we adore chuyko’s white version of a kimono, the printed arty heads of nadia yukiv or the masculine and transformable collection of yadviga netyksha. finally, the designer of the moment who is ‘on the rise’ in ukraine is frolov. we could easily compare him to the current fashion star, the brand, " vêtements " with the idea of an original location, pop music and winks to american culture, not to forget the play on fabrics and still a bit of a provocative attitude. in short frolov creates a sensation beyond all limitations, like vetements did in his fashion show in paris. music free of right : bandit & nikit