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Issey Miyake - 45 year career celebrated in Tokyo

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It’s the perfect season to celebrate the japanese designer, issey miyake, whose work can be compared to a picture of spring, as everything he touches becomes lighter, airier, more colorful… issey miyake founded his studio at 32, with a first show in new york in 1971 and finally choosing to shine in paris from 1973. with his touch, materials transform, are structured, take a new dimension. his "pleats please" toured the world. increasable, light, declining from dresses to t-shirts, destined for both men and women, they are still the perfect example of a bridge between technological prowess and business success. for his love of fabrics, issey miyake decided in 1999 to devote himself entirely to his development and research laboratory and to creating a foundation. in short, a return to the roots, closer to the material. spring 2016 is thus the time to raise issey miyake to the rank of commander of the legion of honor by the french government and to trace at a sublime exhibition in tokyo, the 45-year career of this world famous designer who has always been surrounded by faithful collaborators and assistants. it is they, who for over 16 years, took over the fashion label’s artistic direction brilliantly, like today the young, very talented,yosuke takahashi and yoshiyuki miyamae who never fail to evoke the master’s spirit in every collection. (interview)"the work of miyake issey" - exhibition until 13th june 2016 - the national art center in tokyo.interview from yoshiyuki miyamae:we always want to explore what is beyond, that is the spirit of issey miyake. music free of right : bandit & nikit