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Dior - Cruise Collection 2017 at Blenheim Palace in England (with interviews)

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Location: blenheim palace, home of the dukes of marlborough, birthplace of winston churchill and 2 times a stage for the dior fashion shows in 1954 and 1958. located in the english countryside, oxfordshire. the 30o guests were invited to join the scene in a famous train called the blenheim express. the models catwalked in the library on a floor covered by a carpet printed with scenes of hunting with hounds for a collection evoking the charm of the english countryside.inspiration: a female wardrobe, rich and full of modernity, with a mix & match of english extravagance and french elegance note: the accumulation of accessories and the “colonnade” heeled shoesfocus: on the allusions of the english countryside and the equestrian scenes, floral patterns, figurative jacquards, african prints, on the dior bar jacket cut close to the body, or dissected in a tail shape around the hips, on the embroidery, drapes, ties and ribbons that pass through the garment, and the day dresses, all in a profusion of colour.interviews from sidney toledano, serge ruffieux, lucie meier & chiara ferragnisidney toledano:in 1954 monsieur dior presented an haute couture fashion show here in the presence of princess margaret, it was the house’s first fashion show, then there were 2 in london in the early 50’s and so the house came back to london in 58, so the idea to show in london for this cruise collection didn’t take much imagination or time to say that we’d come back to blenheim. this reattachment to history is also the reattachment to a savoir fair because behind all these dresses, of course there are design teams, but we also have our ateliers and the ateliers are permanently living referencing the history and in a place like this it’s equally inspiring. our ateliers are here, it’s inspirational for everyone, all whilst searching for modernity. serge ruffieux & lucie meier:it is an emotionally charged place and i think that where the palace is, in the countryside, has definitely influenced the prints, the way of wearing the clothes, the attitude to wear them, the functional side too, the mix and the english eccentricity.we were really inspired by the english lady who travels and so there aren’t just french influences but lots of cultural influences.chiara ferragni: i think about cruise collections as just dreamy places and this one makes me think about castles and england and britain, it was really awesome.music of the show / do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show