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Exclusive meetup with Peter Marino, the star architect.

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Peter marino, the star architect, with a bad boy look has been the indispensable designer for dior boutiques worldwide since 1995. a meet up in london, in the new house of dior, with a unique, warm and passionate man, fully dedicated to his book art-architecture and especially happy let us discover his latest creation that took more 4 years of work.interview with peter marino:i am always against mcdonaldization fashion and we have to laugh a bit as i am american so for us mcdonalds is the same then i came to europe and every mcdonalds is different, even they have changed their opinions! i am very proud of this london project because of the volumes and you go from room to room and what is great for me is that everybody noticed them and said wow the volume is great, you don’t hear that so often. we took a lot from mr dior, you know he was much involved in the world of art and i pick a lot of the codes of dior which is “le gris de dior” so we commission a lot of silver and bronze sculpture so you get this universe of the 500 shades of grey. a year and a half ago phaidon approached me and said we understand there’s an architect we notice that you do a very large number of commissions with living artists and i said yes i’ve been doing this for my whole career and so they went to look in my archive and even i was surprised to see that i had done in 32 years over 250 art commissions. times have changed the patrons aren’t necessarily the pope anymore but certainly “les grands marques” and there are a lot of private people and private commissions for private houses there too. so i like that they nicknamed me the art architect, i am very proud of that. my daughter goes into the dior shop in soho and she said it is my favourite store and i say why and she said, dad it is so easy here i get all the dresses here and all the bags there i go like this “i pick this one!” i love to hear the comments that shopping is easy; that it makes you feel pretty, kind of emotional responses because i think that architecture is a little over intellectualised in the studio and forget your raw human emotions. music of the show / do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show