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The British girl, Grace Wales Bonner, wins the 2016 edition of the LVMH Prize!

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The 3rd edition of the lvmh prize 2016 has revealed new talents at the louis vuitton foundation. it is in front of a prestigious jury, composed of 8 star fashion designer of the french luxury group that the prize, initiated by delphine arnault in 2014, was awarded to the british girl, grace wales bonner and the special jury prize to the canadian, vejas kruszewski.grace wales bonner was offered a grant of eur 300 000 and personalized assistance to help develop her business with a dedicated team in the group for twelve months, and vejas kruszewski won a prize of eur 150 000 and a year of mentoring at the heart of the of the lvmh group.interviews from delphine arnault, marc jacobs, grace wales bonner, vejas kruszewski & léa seydouxdelphine arnault:being leader in our industry it is our responsibility to help young talents find their identity, help them develop themselves, so that’s why we’ve come up with this prize. then it all depends on each individual, for example koché knows a lot about the savoir-faire of embroidery and grace who won also uses a lot of embroidery in her work. then there are other designers who prefer doing sportswear, others who do menswear and womenswear. the young canadian, vejas, won the special jury prize, he’s 19 and i thought he had so much energy; it is amazing to see all the young coming together here. marc jacobs:it is so fun to get together with a group here and it is always a very interesting conversation over lunch you know what are the criteria and who we feel should receive the prize. so after much discussion, i think we all agreed, or the vote, which is very democratic chose grace, there was a lot of enthusiasm for her work so there you go! grace wales bonner:i kind of like exploring hybridity and different reference points, african or caribbean references in relation to more couture techniques, so it is about marrying these two notions of luxury and dream; for the first step, i said to the judges, that i really want to broaden my team because so far it has been two people and it has been a lot of work and want the mentoring and support to be able to expand the business and expand the infrastructure. so it is more for the business side of how this translates, i guess. léa seydoux:i find it fascinating to discover and see their worlds; i see their individuality and their youthfulness which is so stimulating music from the show / do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show