Off-White - MENSWEAR collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris (with interview)

Designer: Virgil AblohLocation: The Philharmonie of ParisInspiration: art takes a new form. Setting: a photo of the Crillon and Place de la Concorde in Paris, like a comparison to his own construction, to his own mark, to his status as a fashion designer. But also lots of references to streetwear, to street culture.Silhouette: In Bermuda shorts or loose trousers, the Off-White man wears prints, collages and other brands & logos from his culture on T-shirts, including several models made in organza, all in transparency. The scorpion - a death synonym for the designer, his vision if he stopped designing - is embroidered on the bottom of wraparound coats.Interview from Virgil AblohThe idea is to show a progression of street culture, a printed t shirt for me defines street wear. A collection like this is very rarely seen today as it consists of actual printed t-shirts. It was a 2.0, 3.0 version of a graphic t-shirt, most of them were intarsia knit, some are just completly organza and see through, the graphics play with that, so that is what I have tasked myself with now, is understanding what is contemporary on the street but is still forward thinking trying to lead and showcase a direction that these ideas can go in.For me without sounding too grim the scorpion represents potential death. For me that is my motivation, my personal self-driven motivation, if I don’t create then I will die. I feel that so I have made a career for myself and I have started off white as a sort of gym to train in, to force myself to come up with cohesive ideas that represent a larger culture.Music of the show, do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show

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