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Designer in vogue : Vejas (with interview)

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Only 19 years old, the designer vejas kruszewski launched his brand a year and a half ago. three seasons later, in june 2016, he took home the special prize at the third award ceremony of the lmvh prize in paris, in front of 10 of the most influential artistic directors in the world ( nicolas ghesquière, phoebe philo, riccardo tisci, karl lagerfeld, etc.) his clothes reflect the current time, hybrids, without specific genders, a slick streetwear molded around reinterpreted basics. a native of montreal, he chose new york and paris to present his first three collections and he made a big impression. very mature and clear- headed in a fashion world that is full of changes, he seems already to possess all the qualities for a bright future… interview with vejas kruszewski: the clothes themselves, we work a lot with reinterpreting familiar garments and textiles and kind of twisting them into something a little alien almost. and then otherwise we take a design detail like a dart or a type of stitch, or a panel and kind of expanding and building of the garment around that idea, seeing how else you can manipulate it, it’s kind of like an experimentation process. i think from fall 2016 which is going to market soon, the key pieces would be the camel flight skirt, because it has the shape of the waistband that we’ve actually done every season. it’s very comfortable, but it has a very interesting silhouette and it’s almost like the top of a jacket, but around your waist, and i think also the cropped purple leather jacket, how it’s overlapping your body, but structured, and then you have the paneling of the themes which is all a little mechanical almost. i’ve always loved phoebe philo and nicolas ghesquière and jw anderson is so amazing right now, with loewe, because it’s so unlike anything else that you really see. i think there’s a lot of small brands now, i feel like there are so many that are coming up, but the market itself, it doesn’t really grow in size all the time. you can maybe do something for one season on no budget, because everyone is helping you, but how do you go after that? you need to build a business, and everyone has to get paid, so you really have to be aware of everything now, because everything has to kind of come together, whether it’s the marketing, the sales, the clothing, the quality, everything. music royalty free / bandit & nikit - 2016