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Gucci - Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Milan (with interviews)

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Artistic director : alessandro michele mood : a room encompassed by rosy atmosphere, with mirror games. men and women walking in unison.silhouette : the designer mixes up the inspiration, the genre, the period and the times. each look tells a story.focus : on the headwear, turbans, hats, scarves, and on the many shoes, platforms, or the stiletto pumps.to note : the long lamé dresses, the ruffles placed on the side of the trousers or the sleeves of a blouse.always a collection to look on details : an overkill of dresses, delicate, embroidered, frilly, floaty, transparent, lively colours and a lot of animals and flowers which covers the silhouette.sequins, studs on a blouson, pineapple sleeves for a dress and zebra on a fur sleeve. interviews :lou doillon : i find it amazing to have such an imagination and a true generosity as well. we feel that he has a lot of influences, that he fills himself with things which finally touches people… me, i love the 19th century, but also the japanese style, the 70s, the 30s, and the ‘bathing beauties’. he succeeds to mix everything and finally he is the link. and also a humorous form without cynicism. today we are not assuming totally our humor and here it’s clearly for people who like to play, who don’t need to follow something, everyone can find the wardrobe of their dreams, like an incredible trunk which we open. as there is everything we can feel like a princess or masculine at the same time, and also we can travel through time… i find it very generous and very cheerfulmarjan jonkman : i really like it, it’s really beautiful i think it’s awesome it’s like perfection music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)